Webspread is more than a simple mobile website creator. It provides you with many simple but advanced functions that help your business reach a higher level.

By using the mobile on-line shop, vouchers, ticket and booking systems, and surveys, you will build up your presence in the mobile reality. Your products and services will always be accessed by their users virtually – this will enable you to establish relationships and interact with customers seeking you in the mobile world.


The Webspread multi-functionality is perfect for each industry: from small on-line shops, restaurants, surgeries to law firms and FMCG products. If you are an entrepreneur or a marketer in a small- or medium-sized enterprise, take full advantage of Webspread.

Do you work for an advertising agency and seek perfect solutions for your customers? Webspread is a simple and cheap solution even for the most demanding customers.


Tworząc Webspread mieliśmy na uwadze jego docelowych użytkowników, w tym marketerów i przedsiębiorców, dlatego cały system jest niezwykle intuicyjny i prosty w obsłudze. W czterech prostych krokach stworzysz pierwsze mobilne rozwiązania dla Twojej firmy. Utwórz konto, wybierz szablon i wypełnij go tekstem, zdjęciami, obrazkami. Na tym etapie możesz także utworzyć ankiety, system rezerwacyjny, mobilny sklep internetowy czy kupony dla Twoich klientów. Finalnie podaj informację na temat swojej domeny, lub zintegruj stronę z domeną Webspread. Wypróbuj Webspread za darmo już teraz.

  • I have a small dentist’s surgery. Previously, my patients could make appointments only when my assistant was present at the surgery. Now, they can at any time make on-line appointments and my assistant helps me treat my patients.
    Tomasz, dentist
  • One year ago, I noticed that my small but popular restaurant started to lose customers. I decided to make some changes, so I needed my customers’ opinions. Mobile surveys helped me learn about my mistakes and put my restaurant back on track!
    Andrzej, restaurateur
  • I sell wedding decorations. I run a small on-line shop and thanks to Webspread now my customers can do shopping in a mobile way. In the beginning, I estimated a small number of customers, but in the first month statistics showed a large number of visits on smartphones.
    Asia, artist
  • I run a large company famous for its long tradition. Although it is a family-oriented company that uses old work methods, I try to implement some small innovations. One of them was vouchers for regular customers who more willingly repair their shoes in my company instead of buying new ones.
    Waldemar, shoemaker